A Piece of Sky - The concept

The concept
A Piece of Sky

(re)Draw me an aircraft

Its wing turns into a bookcase, its cabin windows into bar furniture, its engines into a round table and, hey presto, it’s been completely reinvented.

There is really something magical about bringing these air giants back to life. This is how A Piece of Sky, together with Airbus, has committed to upcycling the industrial heritage to create a circular economy and democratise Art.

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Our vision

Look beyond our own piece of sky

This collective project is part of the desire to make Art and the passion for aviation accessible to as many people as possible, within a more global vision.

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Through a meticulously controlled process, from the identification of materials to the handling of parts and the production of objects, our partners ensure that aircraft at the end of their life or surplus production, meet the challenges of the circular economy.

Thus, through this upcycling approach, A PIECE OF SKY broadens its vision and works to promote collective awareness.
Original Upcycled Plane piece

Manufacturers, such as Airbus, are gradually integrating these new challenges into their production processes and promoting eco-design methods. Customers become real ‘active consumers’, combining pleasure and passion with a strong civic commitment.



Imagine yourself, nestled in the hollow of an aircraft's nose, at the first point of contact with the sky and the air, moving at more than 900km/h.
Simply sitting in this chair you will be bound to dream (or "have your breath taken away").

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Table Moon Crater

A massive and remarkable part from an A380 jet engine used by the Airbus Flight Test Centre.
Now converted into a titanic dinner table this object is a true work of art, unique and majestic.

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Low table Window

Book your seat next to the cabin window so that you don’t miss anything.
A window that is now a fixture in your home so you continue to feel like you are floating above the clouds.

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Group of creators

This bold group of people has chosen the project to stimulate their imagination: Creative people,
engineers, experts, each from their own perspective, have committed to this responsible-design principle.

“A Piece of Sky is a unique opportunity to express yourself outside the box, to push the system forward and to be involved
in an extraordinary human adventure of strategic importance for the future.”

The Makers

Airbus, alongside these stakeholders, is meeting a real challenge, that of upcycling its aeronautical heritage
as art objects in order to promote and democratise a new industrial vision for the future.

Plane upcycled product illustration 1

Incubated by the BizLab, two Airbus employees who wanted to stimulate people’s imagination, created the Upcycling platform "A PIECE OF SKY". Airbus then scouted for talent to make their vision come true by upcycling Airbus' heritage of decommissioned or surplus parts, which they knew so well, into art and design pieces.

The astonishing collaboration of designers, craftspeople and engineers working towards a common goal, is what gives this daring group its vitality.

At the crossroads of design and the circular economy, A Piece of Sky is a unique way to prove that seeing things from a different angle can create great opportunities.

Plane upcycled product illustration 1

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